Complete Freedom of Action - to stimulate life in the reproductive system With the warming of the sweat-drenched hands, excited bodies with tingling legs, everybodys dream of love will come true!

Since 2005 my painting has been developing in several stages - graphics, cosmic messages with paintings done with crayons, with paints on cardboard, on canvas, on stones, with fingers on glass and mirror.

I am a conductor for my cosmic paintings, which I express in colors and shapes, and they talk by themselves through faces and images. There are other forces that surround us and help us. Anyone who can sense and observe the images on them can feel the energy charge, which they emit. My paintings have been noticed by artists, they were impressed by my courageous work with regard to the war of colors. They were amazed that I have never studied painting, but I was working bravely on the canvas nevertheless. There followed invitations for exhibitions, and for one year in the second half of 2007 and in early 2008, I did two in Karlovo, two in Sofia and one in Plovdiv. More and more people wanted to have my paintings, which mesmerized them with their fiery colors and soothing tones in the blue range. Dr. Ignatov was strongly impressed by them after he visited my house and offered to do research in the SRCMB. The experiments included influence on a person with a cosmic painting through his author methodic for color Kirlian spectral analysis. A study the spectrum of water with the device of Prof. Antonov was also effected with the same painting and yet another one. Prof. Antonov is co-author of Dr. Ignatov in the research of biophysical fields. Physical devices showed that the paintings have a bioinformation exchange with people. This is the first evidence of its kind in the world with these methods in 2008. The change in the bioelectric aura of the person who observes the painting is especially marked. His aura is seeking to copy the aura of the artist. The study was done with color Kirlian spectral analysis. Each painting has a unique impact, and a specific individual cosmic message in rhyme telling what is the painting intended to influence. So, when choosing copies of a painting and reading the cosmic message, my patients understand that this is what they need for their problems.

Continuing to work with the painting for 20 minutes a day, after my procedures they look at it with great feelings in their bodies and meaningful results in their life.

The discopathy case a patient watched a photo of my painting for 20 minutes, went to sleep, after 1 hour she woke up with no pain at all and remembered that previously she could not walk upright, it was hurting her so much. My patients always carry photos of my paintings and work with them when they have a problem. This makes me paint and charges me.
I feel the satisfaction like a golden rain from the Universe, which is formed on my body in diamond droplets. Each of them is the time that I had spared and worked on myself. This is the biggest prize, genuine, divine and cosmic.

headed by Dr. Ignat Ignatov

Testing of the water spectrum with the device of Prof. Antonov, which is made by the co-author in the research of biophysical fields, Dr. Ignatov.

The average alteration of the water spectrum in the painting Cosmic Messages 3 exhibits a stimulatory effect. It can be applied effectively to chronic diseases.
The average alteration of the water spectrum in the painting Blue Eye exhibits a relaxing effect. This painting can have a beneficial influence on neurosis.