When it comes to case studies, useful for people by consulting their influence at the molecular level - water, cells and tissues. I harmonize the vital energy which leads to balance and harmony of life, body and soul with good thoughts without stress.

Man lives better and enjoy higher living standards, which leading to longevity.


How is the longevity attained?

Everything changes and develops in time, so is and our body.

On the one hand a factor of longevity is the genetically pledged heritage from our parents and grandparents. On the other hand, to dont age so drastically, it is important for us to feel young and to realize it physically. We renew the body with vital power and positive thoughts, and we radiate love. Its good for us to drink water alternating spring, mountain or mineral.
The nature is one of the factors that we can purify with and we recharge the body as more often going out in the mountain. The opportunity is given to us there to apply meditations, various types of exercises breathing and spiritual techniques, that activates the cells and slow down the aging process. The movement eliminates the toxins through sweating, we recharge from the nature, enjoying the birds, the sun and the beauty. We feel happiness that is shown on our faces. When we have an internal satisfaction, we manifest wisdom and know how to forgive; the cells recover in the body. As we lead a good, natural way of living, and consume organic food, together with food supplements, directly pressed juices from pomegranate, aronia, goji berry fruits, black cumin oil, etc. we achieve longevity. We are becoming wise with years and we strive to realize our plans, creative ideas, goals and wishes. Through the inner beauty of soul we achieve successes in life. Then our spirit temper, the cells recover, we smile and believe in ourselves, we know what we want in life. With good deeds we pick up the fruits of our work as a reward, as if were not sent trials to us. If it is possible for us to avoid stress, fear and to release from them, to feel healthy and to achieve longevity.
My paintings radiate cosmic energy that I reflect with my fingers on the canvas, as a conductor. A person recharges, as a result of that, the adrenaline increases in the body. It influences at different levels physical, emotional, spiritual; through the different color scheme and the cosmic messages to each picture in rhymes. It enables a person to think about how his life to be improved in personal and business plan, with luck and positive friends for a better development in life, as realizing his wishes. With the energy accumulation of the paintings influence in time and constant work, a person enjoy the harmony in the home or office, where the painting is placed. Thats the easiest and accessible way for a man to help himself with it, and to address wishes. That way events and relationships are solved in a positive direction to them and health problems are eliminated. Just have with opened palms toward the painting the message to be read, the wish to be said and the energy will flow stronger, and with shivers and heat over the body from head to foot, the result will be given to him. In 2008, my pictures were tested by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov in SRCMB. The experiments included influence over a person by a cosmic painting through his author methodic for a color Kirlian spectral analysis. With the same painting and another one a study was accomplished on the water spectrum with Prof. Antonovs device. He is co-author with Prof. Ignatov in the research of biophysical fields. Physical devices showed that the paintings have a bio informational exchange with the person. That evidence was for the first time in the world with these methods in 2008. Especially visible is the change of bioelectric aura of the person who is observing a painting. His aura strives to copy that of the artist. The study is accomplished with a color Kirlian spectral analysis. Each painting has a unique effect, as well as a specific individual cosmic message in rhyme for what its intended to influence. Thats how my patients choosing copies of painting and reading the cosmic message understand that its the exact painting they need for their problems.
The role of the fine art
Through the art people express their thoughts and feelings. The art is as necessary for people as the satisfaction of their physical needs.
Through the works of art we get to know the world and the people.
The Penka Neshevas paintings through the eyes of Karlovos artist - gallerias Dimitat Bakardjiev Penca Nesheva is phenomenon; she paints the spiritual radiation of the people, their joys, problems and cares. She touches to the invisible energy, as painting psycho-charged holograms of images, lines and states. The spectator alone finds the necessity of co-existence within her paintings. They are driving him to experience spiritual harmony and calmness, changing him to better. She is phenomenon because she makes the world more peaceful, and the people happy.
To be healthy, happy and successful we have to turn to ourselves and to change what we dont like in order to achieve what we want. We are obligated to think highly of ourselves and our relatives, to live our life with dignity, to feel and to look young, to be able to apply techniques that we like, to rediscover the infinity powers in ourselves and to overcome the obstacles, of that we become wise. Through our behavior and appearance we can lead the way and gain followers in life for harmony and happiness, because of that we have to program our body, mind and soul. When you choose the way of your spiritual change, your environment and friendships will change inevitably, and will meet teachers when you are ready. The meditations calm mind and discover new knowledge, skills and ideas. Breathing and yoga practices, healing mudras, are ones of the many techniques by which you can choose ones that bring you joy and satisfaction. All that gives a result, your life changes inevitably, you have to influence the mind, the body and the soul with accumulation; you are rising to a higher level, level of self-awareness, self-confidence, security, great faith in yourself with personal power. You affect the body's cells, the skin and physical body to rejuvenate; with good food you look good. Words are among the factors to feel young, they have the power to heal and to make ill, to enjoy or to make cry, and they give fortitude and restore it. Thats why its good to select the words we say, to dont disappoint people, and at convenience to activate the thought with optimism, determination, ambition and to believe in ourselves. The psychological conversations contribute to overcome problems, find solution, body restoration and prolong life. As eliminating some injurious habits like going to bed late at night, smoking, consumption of large amounts of alcohol and meat we reach a healthier lifestyle. Excessive usage of salt not only destroys the calcium in the body, but it is also a cause of high blood pressure. The vinegar is healthy seasoning in the kitchen and serves for reduction of the bed cholesterol in the blood. Added to the food it contributes for the good absorption of the calcium. We have to mind what we say, because the words affect not only the others but also us, and the calmness leads to longevity.

We must be persistent in all our actions, lifestyle, to dont age our minds, to have chance, luck and faith, not only to feel, but and to look young. We can change to good and to do all that gives us a pleasure. We must work on ourselves every day, to dont allow the outside influence of the environment, and to improve the balance of the whole body. The radiating, the facial skin and the peace of mind help us to look beautiful and happy.