Information About My Method

This ancient ritual is performed by mantras and prayers. The pouring of the molten beeswax in water clears all negative energy and stress. In the figures that are formed, I can see the reason, which has led to the deterioration of the persons condition. The wax is the medium of information which I read through the shapes. Through the pictures I receive, I describe the location of the problem. I interpret it and give guidance to people how to cope with their problem, while I make a protection for them. The water in which I pour the wax is also important.


I. V. - a child of 6 years. Due to stress and negative energy at home, the child could not sleep at night and woke up crying because of nightmares. His mother sought my help. Through wax pouring and a therapeutic session, now the child is safe day and night, and has no more nightmares.

R. V. 28 years old - Bad relationships at home, gallstones. After the wax procedures and the 5 sessions, the woman had ultrasound tests, and the gallstones were gone, which has been proven by medical tests.

  • Conclusion: Wax pouring purifies negative energy, stress, fatigue, poor relationships, etc from which all problems come.
  • The positive results for people come soon. With more confidence, strength, optimism, and adequacy they take the right decisions and become in harmony with the universe. The health problems of their physical bodies disappear. This is how wax pouring works. This is proven by a testing of a patient before and after wax pouring in the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics, headed by Dr. Ignatov.
  • The aura is changing and increasing, by examining the patient's biofield through color Kirlian photography.
  • These facts are contained in the book Clairvoyance written by Dr. Ignatov

Documents issued by SRCMB Sofia

Color Kirlian photos experiments

Color Kirlian photography Penka Nesheva made with a transparent electrode of Prof. Antonov.
Study of color spectrum s made by Dr. Ignatovs methodic



Color Kirlian aura of
Georgieva /patient of Nesheva/

2 months after operation


Color Kirlian aura of
Georgieva after observartion of the painting

"Divine Creatures"
Color Kirlian aura of
Georgieva after wax pouring, made by Nesheva
The Kirlian tests of Georgieva were made with the painting "Divine Creatures"

The color with the lowest energy of the Kirlian aura is red and the highest energy colors are blue and violet.
In the initial study a torn aura with red and weak blue colors was observed. The aura after the observation of a cosmic painting was homogeneous with a purple base. Red, blue-green and dark blue colors were observed. The effect from the influence of Neshevas cosmic painting has been objectively proven.
Testing of the water spectrum with Prof. Antonovs device, made by the co-author in the research of biophysical fields, Dr. Ignatov.

The average change of the water spectrum in the painting Cosmic Messages 3 shows a stimulatory effect. It can be applied effectively to chronic diseases.
The average change of the water spectrum in the painting Blue Eye shows a relaxing effect. This painting can have a beneficial influence on neurosis.