My Understanding – What is Reiki

Reiki returns back to Earth through Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan.
Reiki is a harmony of cosmic, spiritual, earthly powers and energies, which heal, give joy, wisdom, strength and love. From what we have sown, we can reap health and success blessed by the invisible mantle, which Reiki can clothe us with.
Walking on the path sprinkled with orchids, which leads us to the temple, we touch the spiritual teachers who predict and help us through advice and guidance.
The knowledge that we adopt by the Supreme Intelligence guides us and gives us an opportunity to help all animate and inanimate beings. Through cleansing, events are arranged for everybody unexpectedly and without harm to anyone.
Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental, psychological, including karmic, mental and spiritual level – this is REIKI.
In order not to tear the veil, we humbly work on ourselves, so we can preserve ourselves. We go and try to enlarge the mantle in the space around us, by providing ourselves freedom and security for our realization.
Anyone can activate Reiki without having any abilities, because we are all one generation of bio computers. The leading moments are: desire, free will and trust in the teacher.

Reiki - translates to “connecting of the Cosmic with the Earth's energy”
Rei – Universe, mysterious power, essence, senior cosmic intelligence
Ki - the vital energy of the Earth
Reiki Principles
- Just for today, do not be angry
- Just for today, do not worry
- Honor your parents, teachers and the elders
- Just for today, do your work honestly
- Be grateful for everything

Before initiation, we perform 4 preparatory sessions, which cleanse and synchronize the teacher-student energies;

Levels of Reiki:
First level:
opening of the Reiki channel, healing on a the physical level, protections
Second level: working with energy symbols, influence from a distance, protections
Third level: Master degree and opens the way of the teacher.

Reiki initiation is a personal communication between teacher and student through the ritual for the transmission and activation of the Reiki energy. Group initiations are not preferable because there a mixing of the biofields, the channels and the Karma occurs.

Examples from my work:
- D.A. from Parvomay – Patient was 39 years old, pregnant with third child, was initiated into Reiki I-st degree in the second pregnancy month. For her age she had a problem-free pregnancy. She was admitted in hospital to give birth with severe labor pains and loose placenta, and doctors feared that there would be a risk for the child. But the whole time she prayed to the higher powers and to the Reiki teachers. The doctors made the right decision to perform a C-section and rescued the child and the mother. A lovely girl was born alive and healthy, who is already into Reiki transmitted by the mother.

1. G.K. from Plovdiv - Worked as an aviator; while performing his official duty, during an accident, he did everything possible in order not to crash into the air and to save his colleague, after that he realized what could have happened, and experienced a severe shock. This led him to stress, sick mentality and black suicide thoughts. He quit his profession. He sought my help and conducted a series of purification sessions, he also wished to be initiated in Reiki. The result: he began thinking positively, took masseur courses and is currently working abroad and overcoming difficulties in life with ease.