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the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB) and international centers

11.10.06, VI International Conference in the Green Biocenter SRCMB branch, Ravadinovo

Left Christos Rungatscher, right- Arian Khoschbonyani

I present my book The Rainbow in My Soul to Khoschbonyani (left) and Dr. Ignatov

At this photo you can see the energy, which comes out of my hand

Conference in Sozopol 2006

Left Dr. Ignatov, Dania Nachkova, Penka Nesheva and Khoschbonyani

Participation in the V International Conference 02.2006 Bankya.

Participation in International Conference, 06.2007 Bankya. Right upper corner - Penka Nesheva next to Prof. Dr. Alla Kulikova from the Czech Republic, and many other colleagues from Russia and other countries.

2007 VII Man and Nature International Conference

The first part was in Bulgaria.

The book of Dr. Ignatov Energy Biomedicine was presented here.

Professor Stanislav Zenin Doctor of Biological Sciences. He tested me with his device on June 9, 2007.

The second part in Munich. In the center of doctor Arian Khoschbonyani.

Here the book of Dr. Ignatov Energy Biomedicine was published in German.

During my presentation at the conference, I painted in front of the guests.

Presenting the creative medicine certificate

Master Reiki Penka Nesheva, Isabella Petri from Germany, next to her Verka Nikolova and Tanya Hristova
Group photo

In March 2008 a seminar meeting was held in the town of Teteven with Isabella Petri, she is a member of the International Reiki Allianz in Germany.

Reiki Master colleagues from the SRCMB center Sofia, with Isabella Petri standing, in the middle, before the Bobeva house in Teteven, where the seminar was held.

In front of the Teteven waterfall - from left to right Isabella Petri, Dr. Ignatov, Ivan Minchev, Eng. Georgi Grozdanov, Penka Nesheva and Verka Nikolova.


2008 VIII International Conference Man and Nature - Sofia



2009 IX International Conference Man and Nature - Sofia

Winfred Press (Germany) and Nesheva

Christos Drossinakis (Germany-Greece) and Nesheva